You were standing there inside the water. You had your playful smile decorating your salt-washed lips as you splashed the water up my way. The waves were rolling up to you hips. You fought the gentle current and it looked as if you were slow-dancing. 

I trudged along the sandy beach as I watched you. The sun was scorching hot, but there was a gentle breeze blowing to my face. My hair blew all over my head like it was a storm. 

"Come on in." You yelled towards me with an inviting hand gesture. I shook my head with a smile and looked down towards my flattering yellow floral dress. I thought it looked prettier when I wear it to the beach than on other occasions. All the colourful flowers entwined with lime green stalks all over the yellow background. Below my feet the sands crunched soothingly. I already felt perfect up here on the beach, just watching. 

"Aw, come on. Just a dip." you said again. 

"Careful, tide's rising."

"We should go up. It's gonna get quite deep soon."

I heard all the warning, but I stayed there watching you. Your smile, the way your hand moved as the waves now rolled up to your torso, it was beautiful. 

"It's much beautiful down here. The water's warm."

You were coaxing me. I knew you were. Like the devil you were, your words managed to sink in somehow. I looked at my floral dress again. The winds now were gaining speed, but it wasn't blowing to my face anymore; it was blowing me down to you. 

Slowly, my foot started moving down, leaving traces of footprints behind to be washed by the racing waves. You held out your hands towards me, smiling even brighter. 

"It's okay. I'm here." 

"Damn the water's high."

"You shouldn't go down now, you'll drown."

I was so close to you now that I could hold your outreached hands. Half of my floral dress was already soaking wet. But you were smiling. I was smiling.

"Are you happy?" you asked, as if you didn't know. Of course I was. My eyes were shining like the sun with only the reflection of you in it. 

"Why would it matter? I'm here now." I replied looking deep into your sky blue eyes. If I knew it was this beautiful, I would have went down the first moment I saw you. 

"The tide's getting higher. You'll drown if you don't get up now!"

"Get back up here now!" 

I ignored all the warnings. They were just voices in the far distant. They weren't like the soothing sounds of the waves, now hurling up to my neck and to your chest. I shut everything away and lingered in the quietness of us. Your eyes looked down into mine, and mine into yours.

"Are you sure about this?" you asked.

My floral dress was nothing but a wet piece of yellow cloth clinging onto my body. Nothing else mattered now. There was even nothing to hesitate upon. It was already too late to turn back.

"I don't care. I'm already drowned."

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